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With over 7 years of experience and a Master's Degree in TESOL, I am currently seeking opportunities in the areas of English for Exams (Cambridge/IELTS), Business English and English for Academic Purposes.

Teaching Philosophy

Focus on Communication

To me Language teaching is all about making the classroom experience interesting, fun and full of learning. I use the theories of Systemic functional linguistics to create text-based lessons, which makes them more interesting. I use the theories of task-based teaching, which makes my lessons more fun, and Focus on Form, which means that students always feel like they learn something new from the lesson.

Focus on Motivation

When I prepare my lessons, I am professional and analytical, but when I am in the classroom with my students, they always see me smiling and happy to teach. I make my lessons fun and interesting because it motivates my students to learn. When they learn, they enjoy and become more motivated. By creating a cycle of learning because of enjoying and enjoying because of learning, I believe I am able to create the most optimal learning conditions.

Teaching Skills

Classroom Management
  • Ability to present in front of an audience utilizing body language, voice and presence to make complex ideas easy to understand.
  • Ability to watch and listen to notice cues signalling student attention to ensure fully engaged participation in activities.
  • Capable of speaking about self, utilizing humour, engaging listeners for entertaining effect and coming up with examples spontaneously creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
  • Excellent capacity to use polite, diplomatic and direct language to to make ideas or instructions clear .
  • Possess great humour and thick skin to keep class running smoothly under any circumstances.
Teaching Materials
  • Advanced knowledge of material development theories and practiced skills in their application for contracted projects.
  • Capacity to create curriculums and course plans to meet design objectives.
  • Skilled in creating lesson plans with integrated activities targetting any skill (speaking, listening, writing, reading) or thematic area.
  • Wide knowledge of teaching techniques to be integrated into lessons that help promote teaching objectives.
  • Thorough researcher for obtaining appropriate lesson source material and highly creative in matching corresponding teaching techniques most approrpriate to the material.
Technology in the Classroom
  • Highly proficient knowledge of editing and arranging information in MS Word for optimal student interactivity.
  • Use of anthropolical observation techniques to constantly improve how students understand and interact with created materials.
  • Utilize video, audio and touch technology seemlessly into lessons.
  • Developing methods of integration of mobile technology into lessons in seemless and non-disruptive manner.
  • Learned web development languages for creation of interactive web apps in the classroom, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL and others.
Theory and Publications
  • Prepared several writing reports on SLA and motivation and its role in the classroom during Master's work. Continuosly apply theory and distill ideas to students to help them improve their motivation.
  • Active peer-reviewer on the TESL EJ community
  • Able to explain and apply theory and methods, functional linguistics, task-based teaching, and CLT in curriculum and material development, understanding current concepts, their historical evolution and SLA foundations.
Interpersonal Skills
  • Excellent ability to communicate complex concepts to students, peers and superiors.
  • Capacity for flexibility and adaptability to different circumstances, teams and work environments.
  • Strong sense of emotional intelligence in understanding circumstances, contexts and deductions of feelings from cues, helping the flow of teamwork and classroom flow.
Leadership Skills
  • Understanding of the source of leadership and where my natural abilities come to the forefront as well as the ability to follow others who naturally take leadership role.
  • Strong understanding of management styles, their applications, preferences and understanding of optimal conditions for distinct ages, abilities, backgrounds and commitments of fellow teachers.

My Work Experience.

Teaching Experience

November 2013 - Present

English Professor

CESIF (CEU San Pablo), Madrid, Spain
  • Develop and teach a Business English curriculum for Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Continuously receive 100% from student satisfaction score on surveys.
  • Develop testing procedure and policy for student placement.
  • Review academic policies and advise management.

May 2013 - Sep 2013

English Teacher

ILAC, Toronto, Canada
  • Taught a prescribed curriculum receiving 97% positive feedback from students.

Projects and Other Experience

June 2018 - Present

Curriculum Developer

Astex, Madrid, Spain
  • Develop curriculum and teaching materials for English for pharmaceutical industry.
  • Developed more than 180 unique lessons, the equivalent of multi-level textbook.

Feb 2019 - May 2019

English Professor - Team Lead

George Brown College, Shanghai, China
  • Lead a team in the creation and teaching of a new course in China on behalf of George Brown College.

May 2016 - May 2018

Cambridge Speaking Examiner

Hyland Langauge Center, Madrid, Spain
  • Conducted the speaking exam and evaluated candidates according to Cambridge specifications.

Dec 2014 - Sep 2018

English Teacher - In Company

Freelance, Madrid, Spain

See My Latest Projects.

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TED Talks

Complete Video Lessons

Lessons built from top to bottom around TED talk videos.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Business English for Pharmaceutical Industry

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A quick and easy online level assessment tool designed by Yuri Yarin.

Mobile-Based Activities

Mobile Phone Apps for Classroom Teaching

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Pronunciation Activities

Fun Ways to Improve Pronunciation

Fun Ways to Improve Pronunciation.

What My Students Say.

Author image

Yuri was my teacher at Bussiness English Course at CESIF in 2020. I enjoyed his teaching methods and the way he adapted the topics to our fields and to our future positions. I apreciate that he motivated all the students to work in groups and also to practice our communication skills doing oral presentations. His classes were really interesting and useful, and he helped me to prepare a professional CV and LikedIn profile.

Former Student CESIF
Author image

I always recommend Yuri as an English teacher. I first had classes with him at CESIF in 2014 but then he came to work at WeCareU where he taught me and my colleagues business English for a year during 2015. Yuri's classes are dynamic and interesting. He is very professional and adapts to the students he works with.

Former Student CESIF, Wecare-U
Author image

I did an English course for 2 months with Yuri in which I learnt a lot of things about business English. He is a very extroverted person, always helping you to understand the subject. Also, his lessons are very enjoyable and dynamic.

Former Student CESIF


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